Risk Management

Manage risk effectively in the most difficult of circumstances

  • Management of operational, financial, environmental, and social risks is our core focus
  • Standard financial audits don’t deliver effective assurance in the most difficult places of the world
  • We work extensively with the World Bank on developing effective solutions to risk management in difficult places
  • Third party monitoring of financial and project aid

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Fact-based analytics for critical decisions

  • Start with rigorous fact-based analytics so your ambitions don’t go wrong at the outset
  • Especially when solving new sets of problems, or indeed, figuring out what the problems really are
  • Take decisions based on robust understanding of the situation and of the issues

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Automate repetitive and tedious work and release your best people to think where it really matters

  • Use people for creative thinking, and let computers do the rest
  • Modern automation saves time, improves accuracy, even for many problems that previously required cognitive skills and human input
  • High-end artificial intelligence solutions are accessible everywhere and can support complex work-flows in places where no-one previously thought it was possible

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Align strategy, people, process, and technology to get the best out of the organization

  • Alignment of the critical factors is difficult to plan and even more difficult to execute
  • It requires much breadth and depth to develop a well functioning organization
  • Work with us to turn strategic ambitions into practical implementation

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