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Post-conflict Countries

Abyrint is specialized in post-conflict countries.

Rebuild government

To rebuild core government functions

Strengthen capability

Fix the government machinery

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Strategy & Design

  • When solving new sets of problems, or indeed, figuring out what the problems really are
  • Where innovation, flexible thinking and creativity is key
  • When rigorous fact-based analytics is key


  • Ongoing implementation coaching, from skilled, and often local talent
  • Embedded with your organization for the duration
  • Seamless handover from aby.strategy, and at a lower price point

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Post-conflict countries 

  • These are countries that have recently come out of conflict
  • Their institutions, systems and other capabilities are destroyed
  • There will not be stability until the machinery of government is rebuilt


  • Abyrint headquarters is in Oslo, Norway
  • Our teams engage in places far away
  • Where it matters most