Stina Haerum @abyrint

Aby: You have a real hard-core world class MBA. How did you decide to join Abyrint and work in fragile states?

Stina: In hindsight, it was obvious. But at the time it was quite daring. I had already been to Kenya and worked in the iHub, a really cool start-up scene in Nairobi. But when Ian called me, I was still at Kellogg Business School, and he basically got me on a flight into Mogadishu to meet them there. This was different.

I was immediately convinced. A bit intimidating at first. I was the second recruit and was teamed up with Magali who had joined from McKinsey. Some very bright people and some really different environments to work in. I also liked the small start-up feel at the time. I had been in a fintech start-up at Wall Street before, and really liked that experience.

Aby: And how did you find the work?

Stina: You know, the government organizations we work with can seem quite chaotic at times. Some would find that stressfull, and especially if you are person, like me, who really likes to organize things. But there is always more behind the surface than meets the eye at first. And working to help organize some really complicated financial procedures is actually the sort of thing that I enjoy! It’s been a life changing experience for sure.

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