Michael Holzman @abyrint

Aby: Michael, you seem to be a true globalist and management consultant.

Michael: I have been very fortunate to be able to work and live in four continents! Partly a desire to see the world, and partly family circumstances that moves us around. The one consistent theme is that I have worked as an adviser in some very fine Firms and with some very interesting clients in the U.S, in Australia, Europe and in Africa.

Aby: What is it that you do?

Michael: I suppose I am a people person. I have always enjoyed that much. Understanding other people, how they act and fit in their organization. There are of course many more technical aspects of this, and strictly speaking, I am trained as an economist. But fundamentally I guess it´s because I really like to get to know people.

This has taken me inside the Gendarmerie in France, pharmaceuticals in the U.S, and countless other businesses and government organizations. And more recently, I have had some very exciting experiences working with manufacturing and industry in East Africa, and a whole lot of work with government and financials.

Aby: Is there a common universal theme to people and organization?

Michael: Well, this has puzzled researchers and practitioners for a long time. There are certainly common themes, but no specific situation is the same. And even while the themes are similar, there is no given solution to how an organization can create the best circumstances for its people to thrive. There are so many variables that go into this mix. But surely, most business, whether industrial manufacturing or government, can always create a better environment for its people to succeed in.

Aby: So what took you to Abyrint?

Michael: It’s such a fascinating project. I have known the guys for a long time, and followed their work closely. I suppose what set Abyrint apart is that that strive to work with really high standards and a relentless focus on helping clients. That’s really difficult in the kind of places where Abyrint works.

The people are great and there is done so much to help the teams work well together and with the clients. I like that it is so integrated. The way we work, sharing perspectives, insights, communications. It really works well. And this is difficult. I have been in some really big consulting firms that were not as effective as this. And of course, meeting with all the people with our clients who can excel in very difficult circumstances, is incredibly challenging and utterly fascinating.

Michael Holzman
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